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Best Tips for a Successful Magazine

Good ideas don’t require proper planning or schedule; nor do they benefit from exhaustingly long meetings and conversations with management. They emerge from experiments, from playing around with things that you care about, things to which you have an emotional attachment. And quite often they need a creative chaotic environment to flourish and grow. However,

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Axpasia Website


[col1]   _ 2013   Client: Axpasia Co-owner: Fabrizio Cantoni [/col1] [col2]   _ Web design   Axpasia is an italian company has been trading for 30 years and is now evolving through the launch of a new brand of its own that offers stylish leather covers for mobile and tablet, and luxury packaging forjewelry. We start the new brand launch’s


Loghi_CODE-06 copia

[col1] _ 2014   Client: Calligaris Creative direction: Nascent Design [/col1] [col2] _ Logo design / Communication / Editorial design   CODE is a project that originate from the cooperation between Nascent Design and Calligaris. We can speak about code as a incubator of projects; young and upcoming designers were called to create a coral collection of

City Sound Festival Poster


[col1]   _ 2014   Client: City Sound Festival [/col1] [col2]   _ Poster Design   Poster design proposal for City Sound Festival Milano. [/col2]    

Smart Design Week / Calligaris


[col1] _ 2014   Client: Calligaris Creative direction: Nascent Design [/col1] [col2] _ Logo design / Communication / Editorial design   The 2014 strategy for the online and offline communication of Calligaris for the Salone del Mobile focuses on a effective, contemporary and editorial representation of the new collection. The project has been implemented via a multi-faceted

Mobiliers à transformations


[col1]   _ 2013   Client: Calligaris [/col1] [col2]   _ Communication Design   Communication and logo design for the design competition “Mobiliers à transformations” promoted by Calligaris in collaboration with The École Camondo, a school of product design and interior architecture located in Paris. [/col2]    

Calligaris Trade Catalogue


[col1]   _ 2013   Client: Calligaris Creative direction: Nascent Design [/col1] [col2]   _ Art direction / Editorial Design   Trade catalogue for Calligaris furniture collection 2013 / 2014. [/col2]  



[col1] _ 2013   Client: Calligaris Creative direction: Nascent Design [/col1] [col2] _ Logo design / Communication / Editorial design   Calligaris on the occasion of his ninetieth birthday presented at Fuorisalone 2013 a special project curated by Stephen Burks. The American designer, starting from the historic chair “Marocca”, typical of the company’s industrial district and starting point of its production history,



[col1]   _ 2013   Cliente: Fustellificio Rama Co-owner: Fabrizio Cantoni [/col1] [col2]   _ Branding / Logo design / web design   Identity design solution for Rama, one of the italian leader in the papermaking solutions. The work, apart from the new logo and identity, included stationary materials, web design and site implementation.

Maison Bio Sun


[col1] _ 2012   Client: La Gardenia Creative Direction: Nascent Design Photography: Marco Vagnetti [/col1] [col2] _ Branding / Packaging / Communication   Creation of the brand identity and packaging of the solar line of ”Maison-Bio” bio-natural cosmetic products – La Gardenia first private label. The line – composed of 15 sun care products- has an iconic

My home by Calligaris


[col1]   _ 2013   Client: Calligaris Creative direction: Nascent Design Photography: Matteo Imbriani Styling: Irene Baratto [/col1] [col2]   _ Art direction / Editorial Design   My home is the catalogue / magazine of Calligaris collection 2013. The project focuses on a more effective, contemporary and editorial representation of the simple and elegant style that has always been

About me

I am Dalila Piccoli, a graphic designer based in Milan.
I graduated, with honors, from the Università degli Studi di Trieste in Advertising and Communication and I specialised in Graphic Design at Accademia di Comunicazione in Milan.
I currently work as freelance and I collaborate with the branding agency Nascent Design as art director for Calligaris. I specialized in branding, communication, editorial design and packaging and recently I am working on web design projects.

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